This is a 4-year program consisting of 12 consecutive semesters. Students are to complete 144 credits including a Legal Research Methodology of 3 credits and a Dissertation for another 3 credits. In addition to these there remains a viva voce examination of 3 credits. The students have to appear at a viva voce examination at the end of each academic year (after every 3 consecutive semesters).


Semester-wise Course Distribution

Year Semester Code Course Title Credit
1st 1st Law-601 Legal History of the Indian Sub-Continent 3
Law-602 Bangladesh and English Legal System 3
ENG-101 English for Law I 3
Law-604 Government and Politics 3
Law-605 Jurisprudence and Legal Theory 3
Law-606 Bangladesh Studies 3
CSE-101 Introduction to Computer 3
Law-608 Cyber Law 3
Law-609 Hindu Law and Roman Law 3
Law-610 Muslim Law-I 3
Law-611 The Law of Consumer Rights 3
Law-612 Public International Law 3
2nd 4th  
Law-613 Muslim Law-II 3
Law-614 Law of Mass Media 3
Law-615 Criminology 3
Law-616 Constitutional Law of Bangladesh 3
Law-617 Constitutional Laws of UK and USA 3
Law-618   3
Law-619 Company Law and Partnership Law 3
Law-620 Land Laws of Bangladesh-I 3
Law-621 Land Laws of Bangladesh-II 3
Law-622 Law of Contract 3
Law-623 Law of Tort 3
Law-624 Law of Transfer of Property 3
3rd 7th Law-625 Labor Law 3
Law-626 Mercantile Law 3
Law-627 General Clauses Act and Interpretation of Statute 3
Law-628 Law of Registration and PDR Act 3
Law-629 Revenue and Fiscal Law 3
Law-630 Law of Evidence 3
Law-631 Penal Code 3
Law-632 Police Regulation of Bengal and Jail Code 3
Law-633 Special Penal Laws 3
Law-634 Court Fees Act ,Stamp Act and Suit Valuation Act 3
Law-635 Law of Banking and Insurance 3
Law-636 SR. Act and Law of Limitation 3
4th 10th  
Law-637 Code of Civil Procedure-I 3
Law-638 Code of Criminal Procedure-I 3
Law-639 Civil Rules and Orders and Civil Suit Instruction Manual 3
Law-640 Code of Civil Procedure -II 3
Law-641 Code of Criminal Procedure-II 3
Law-642 Conveyance and Legal Drafting-I 3
Law-643 Conveyance and Legal Drafting-II 3
Law-644 Clinical Legal Education 3
Law-645 Bar Council Rules, Professional Conduct & Etiquette 3
Law-646 Legal Research Methodology 3
Law-647 Dissertation 3
Total: 4 Years 12 Semesters Total Credits 144

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